Scream the Horror Magazine #11 (print magazine)

Gores Truly


Fatally Yours



The Inside Outcast (1:04:30 - 1:53:44)

Zombies & Toys

Xomba Horror

Big Gay Horror Fan

The Liberal Dead


Wandering Hallows Night

Women in Horror: A Mangled Manners Blog


Fox 2 News Detroit 9/10/11 (live interview, not posted online)

WDIV 4 News Detroit 9/10/11 (aired on 10/30/11)



Macabre Cadaver

Big Gay Horror Fan

American Frame

The Paradise of Horror

Zombies & Toys

The Horror Zine (December 2010 Issue)

Horror News

Northville Times (page 2)

Ravens Barrow

Chupacabra Magazine - Flint, MI

FOX 2 News Detroit (9/9/11 - MCHC Haunted Garage Sale Coverage)

Zombies & Toys (January 2011 monthly contest)

You Bent My Wookie

Snap Cambridge

Dark Woods Con Guest Profile


Rart og Grotesk (the HorrorBid interview) (the Fangoria interview)

Zombie Diary (the Fangoria interview)

Tribune Democrat

Press Releases:

Horror Society (07/11)

Horror Fatale (07/11)

Hellnotes (07/11)

Buried (07/11)

First Fright (07/11)

Horror Society (08/10)

Horror Fatale (08/10)

Horror News

Hellnotes (08/10)

Buried (08/10)

First Fright

HorrorBlips (site no longer in existence)

Bleedfest Coverage (Bleedfest is an all female film festival.  April A Taylor was the first non-filmmaker artist to have her work displayed at one of their events, held in Sherman Oaks, CA on February 6th, 2011. Her work was featured again at Bleedfest on April 3rd, 2011):

February 2011 Show

Penny Dreadful Diary

Geek Tyrant

I Like Horror Movies

Film Radar

Horror Society


All Things Horror

Planet of Terror

April 2011 Show

Fatally Yours

Geek Tyrant

Film Radar

All Things Horror

Other Feedback/Reviews/Testimonials

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